Fernandina Beach, FL

Are you looking to tan your skin with a sunless tan? Come to Caribbean Tan & Hair Salon for the best tanning experience that you will ever find. We are a leading salon that is well equipped with the latest equipment to offer the best services possible. In fact, we are confident that the quality of the equipment we use is superior.

Apart from getting a tan and your hair done, we also offer other services that include pedicure, hair styling, manicure, nail acrylics, coloring, haircuts and makeup application among others. Our team of professionals is innovative and creative thus you can be sure to get the best service and an unforgettable experience of all time from us.
Our experienced staffs hold major certifications in their specialty areas; hence, they offer some of the most innovative tan options albeit at highly competitive prices. In addition, they are constantly seeking training opportunities to ensure that they are up to date with the latest trends as well as technology.

When you pay us a visit, we guarantee you a satisfying and relaxing experience. Our name is synonymous with a quality tan in Fernandina Beach, FL. We believe that when you have a perfect tan then you will no doubt feel good. Our strategic location has always been a major advantage as we are easily accessible. In fact, our customer base continues to grow rapidly as we keep on receiving new customers.
Our customer service is impeccable as we are customer oriented. On the other hand, our staff is very polite, friendly, and knowledgeable, always striving to understand individual customer needs and meeting them. We are also keen on responding to any customer queries promptly.

We look forward to seeing you. Call us today to secure your appointment. We promise to exceed your expectations.